Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Madness: Everybody Rejoice!

Hooray! I promise y'all there are some substantive blog posts in the works -- I've just been super lazy. But in the meantime, it is official! A lot of us had our doubts, but we did it! We have a Democrat back in the White House, and Barack Obama is our nation's first minority president!

It's tempting to be like "suck it, all you ignorant fucks who they were always interviewing on all the news channels who were like 'if Obama becomes the president there won't be no America left for my 20 grandchildren' or 'I heard as soon as Obama gets sworn in, his first act as president will be to put a bill before the Democratic Congress to change the name of our country to Ameristan', etc." But this isn't the time to gloat. Let the healing begin. You heard the man: he said he'll be all our president and unlike the last guy I believe him.

So anyway, here infra is my victory song which I've been waiting to share with you. Enjoy, and let's wish our next president the best of luck because we all know he'll need it in these troubling times!

photo taken from The New Republic. "Brand New Day" from the musical the Wiz, written by Luther Vandross, sung by Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell, Ted Ross, and Chorus.